Kopie von Technologie und Innovationsmanagement

Schrittmachertechnologie, Schl├╝sseltechnologie, Basistechnologie

Zu viele gute Innovationen sterben bevor sie “oben” zum Entscheid ankommen!

Copy only. Original by Hans-J├╝rgen Wille

Copy of The Physics of Giants and Dwarves

What we know about the existence and viability of drastically scaled creatures

Not everything goes in Nature. There are some things conceived by our imaginations that we can actually prove to be impossible. In this knol I exemplify that contention by showing how we can use the scientific method through our knowledge of physics and biology to conclusively prove the impossibility of the existence of human-like creatures that are much larger or much smaller than we are. In doing so I will also discuss various aspects related to our understanding of scale, from the microscopic to the astronomical. I will end up the knol with some philosophical implications related to my main conclusion.

COPY ONLY: Original By Julian G. Franco
Newark, Delaware, USA


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